Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pilot's logbook

Up until this past week, I hadn't been flying much since I got my license. I've been involved in family issues that have me spinning my wheels, and maybe I can blame some of it on the weather. I spent some time getting checked out in the 172's, but then Dane nudged me into trying the Warrior, and I like it, so that's where I've been lately. I haven't done any cross-country yet. I REALLY REALLY like flying that plane.

Mike helped me a LOT just by tossing me the challenge of getting instrument rated by April and CFI by August. Todd sat me down to figure out the hours and cost to get Instrument/professional. I've been up with Zach twice now in the Warrior, working on scan, vertical-S's, VOR tracking...Saturday we were supposed to do a heads-up approach, so I spent some time with Josh getting familiar with JVY18. Saturday was the first day of sun in a week, & JVY was way too crowded, so we did the Bowman Field 24 VOR approach instead. My respect for the CFI's & pilots went up another big notch. I'm determined to do it tonight on the computer until I get the hang of it.

Flying. How to to more of it?

I want to fly Frank to Frankfort when he goes there for meetings, which is 4 or 5 times a year, just for the practice of trying to do something that's scheduled.

I can afford about one lesson a week and some other flying but not a lot IF I have to pay full price. I have friends who say they want to fly, so I'm trying to plan some kind of cross-country trips that are interesting enough that some of the people I know who have cash will be interested. (How mercenary is that??)

I have a friend who's a meteorologist who asked me whether I could fly people around to take pictures of tornado and storm damage--after the fact, not while it's happening. Do you suppose there's a way to call that "incidental" to the business of forecasting the weather?

I met an older guy the other day--Ed O. He owns the Piper a few tiedowns down from 16E. He came over to talk while I was preflighting to go up with Zach. I enjoyed meeting him, but I didn't figure out 'til later that he is looking for someone to fly with. He's got whatever diabetes they cancel your license for, and needs to take another pilot along anytime he goes up. I'm interested. I guess I'll go over and look at his plane with him.

Mike says:

Personally I think that the Cessna after all these Hundreds of hours in both is a MUCH safer plane for the new pilot. Here's plane and simple why:
1. Fuel valve has both setting
2. Better power off glide distance
3. Gravity feed fuel / no fuel pumps required

But I enjoy a good running healthy Piper low wing any day[...] Also while you are learning something new its good to train in the same aircraft you are familar with. No sense in learning two new things at once. And a lowing does fly and react to controls differently through out the entire flight spectrum ( stalls to short field landings .)

Flying How To Do More of IT!!

You have several options here, depending on how aggressive you are.
1. Safety pilot: Acting as a Private Pilot for a IFR candidate student who is wanting to practice flying under the hood. Where do I find them? ALL flight schools have IFR students, including yourself. You both fly and each take turns shooting approaches, tracking or just basic maneuvers under the hood. Each pay 50% of cost and sign each logbook. Be Looking out.

2. Finding pilots who have medical problems or just enjoy flying with others. Safety can often come in numbers, or at least thats what our minds feel. Problems with this, you will need to think logically about who you fly with that does not have a medical!!!!! Heart Attack? Epilepsy? Narcolepsy?? You get the picture, an hour is only worth SO MUCH! Also you will need to really beat the streets to find these guys and gals. Be Safe.

3. As a private pilot you are required by FAR 61.?? to pay at least the pro rata share of all operating cost ( fuel, rental, oil )...etc.. However, 50% gratuity can come in other forms as food...etc hotels maybe depending on personal definitions here ( IE...Very Gray Area ) Remember where you are who you are dealing with when considering this rule. Be Smart.

4. If you want to take some friends flying to see some accident spots for weather, then thats great they had their cameras with them.

5. Lastly, consider joining a flight club! There are several on the field at Bowman and they are all great. My favorite was Wings Flying Club. They have a GREAT Running Warrior N40015 and its IFR certified and I have a friend Gary Thomas who instructs with it. Also Louisville Pilots Club is a great one. There are monthly dues but at the very least you have easy access to a plane for large amounts of time, great maintenance, easy scheduling, and covered by insurance with only monthly premiums and discounted flight time!!!

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