Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dunkin,' dunkin' Doughnuts

Dunkin, dunkin doughnuts,
Buy 'em from a shop.
Fill me fulla sugar carbs
An' luv me til I pop!     (eyes roll on "luv")

Americanized verse for Orff Schulwerk song "Davy, Davy Dumpling."

Sol sol la la sol-- mi--
Sol sol la la sol-- -- --
Sol sol la la sol sol mi mi
Sol sol sol sol high-do !

Body accompaniment:
Pat(knees), pat, pat, pat,
Pat, pat, pat, clap!
Pat, pat, pat, pat,
Pat, pat, pat, clap!

Progression to instruments:
Sit in a circle, have instruments to pass around. The group will maintain the body motions and singing, replacing the movements with instruments as they become available. Distribute one instrument or instrument type at a time. Pat becomes a drum beat or C-G on bells/xylophone. Clap becomes a cymbal crash or triangle tap. At the end of the song, maintain the rhythm with finger snaps as instruments are passed to the next person around the circle.

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