Sunday, December 28, 2008

Directions to the farm

N to JVY go north past 2nd quarry.
Veer left (before Memphis) and travel up that "valley" to Greenville. US60.
Hang a left before the lake.]

PS. I have just found out that winds "veer" to the right and "back" to the left. This leads me to think that my directions are inaccurate, as you would "back" to the left before Memphis.

BUT, that is actually wrong. When a wind veers, it is the direction the wind is coming from that changes to the right. So perhaps the wind, from its own point of view, is veering to the left.

Looking at an airplane in motion as similar to air in motion being a wind, shouldn't an airplane "veer" when it is changing direction to the left? I guess the directions to the farm stand uncorrected.

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