Saturday, December 27, 2008

Airport Extreme Update. Whoo Hoo!!!!!

The other day I clicked thru on one of those automatic updates from Apple. One of them must have spoken to our Airport Extreme (wireless router).

This morning, I noticed that the pre-Leopard flat-panel iMac (which I just moved from the back room to the living room) had an active wireless icon on it. It was online with the wireless!!! I told Frank he could put his drill away, which he had out to drill holes in the hardwood floor to string ethernet to the living room.

THEN, I went and pulled out our Fujitsu tablet computer (running Windows 2000) and IT found the Wireless as well!!!!

So, now I have the imac flat panel in the living room. It can display family photos and play music through those wonderful speakers, AND we aren't deprived of the necessary internet port.

The tablet computer is again going be available for StumbleUpon, which makes it a wonderful interactive, portable magazine.


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