Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Parallels Fix

I spent all morning trying to fix a problem with Parallels (or the WinXP hard drive file) or whatever. In the process I learned a lot about Time Machine (but not enough to reinstall Parallels).

The actual fix (crossed fingers that it's complete) I came upon by accident. I had been reinstalling Parallels from CD, but something was still missing from drivers or something. Looking for tech support, I tried to figure out what version I had, and for no reason clicked on Upgrade (or was it update?).

The update (to version 3) downloaded, installed itself, installed ParallelsTools, and seems to be working fine. Whew!

I leave this note to remind myself to Reinstall from the web next time instead of going back to the old CD's.

I have to have Parallels to run XP to run Ground School and AOPA Flight Planner.

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