Saturday, September 06, 2008

Obama: What you didn't see at the Republican Convention.

(My response to video above. Click title to see video.)

Dear Senator Obama,
Thank you for your amazing effort.

We are heartened to hear your support of Unions, union goals (regarding healthcare & benefits), also (I'm assuming) your understanding that much of the work a union does is fight to maintain standards of safety and healthcare for the members. I also hope you understand that this particular fight anchors the safety and healthcare standards of all workers at the same time.

We would be very heartened if we heard these concerns and commitments expressed to other-than-union audiences. I have had my belly full of politicians who "tailor" their message to the audience to gain their approval, but don't hold that same message for the general public.

Give us a sign! ...ummmm, maybe more than one.

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