Friday, April 25, 2008

KBRY, Bardstown, KY

I was on the phone with David Hall, who started reminiscing about the airfields in and around Bardstown, KY. Dave's dad ran KBRY in the 60s. He remembers his first flight, at age 3 or 4, and being in his daddy's lap.

Dr. Steely had a Navion. He had adventures: Taking off quickly, raising the landing gear immediately, not being in flight yet and skidding on down the runway. Came to the end of the runway, rolled up between some cars belly sidewards, left wingtip 6 inches from the ground. Also travelling at 200 mph across the tops of the buildings in town.

The area used to have a number of airports. The original Bardstown airport was about 500 ft off Dixie highway, on the Colesburg Rd.

There was a grass field on Boston Rd.

Short Combs had a strip on his farm.

After WWII, Donald (?) had 25 airplanes and a hundred students, doing flight instruction in PT13s and PT26s (offshoots of P51s).
In 1962 the current Bardstown airport, KBRY, was built, largely to the efforts of the Coca-Cola company. Green County parachuters were at a different grass strip near there (maybe). They used C180s and DeHaviland Beavers.

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