Friday, April 04, 2008

Engine startup procedure for 16T, revisited

Ye gods. How can anybody remember this stuff? I’ll just…

remember my instructor,
full of it, full of it. THROTTLE FULL, MIXTURE FULL
Adding fuel to the fire FUEL PUMP ON
show’s he's master. What a git! MASTER SWITCH ON

Once he gets a reaction,WHEN FUEL GAUGE JUMPS
then he can turn it off,TURN FUEL PUMP OFF
(but needling and prodding
are something he’s fond of.)

It’s just idle conversation.MIXTURE IDLE
You could throttle him halfway,THROTTLE 1/2"
but go ahead and turn on TURN KEY
the ignition anyway.

As soon as the engine purrs,WHEN ENGINE STARTS
then we’re rich, mixture rich.MIXTURE FULL RICH
A thousand bucks would get usADJUST THROTTLE TO 1000 RPM
to the moon without a glitch.

But big money comes from oil,CHECK OIL TEMPERATURE
from pressure on the green,CHECK OIL PRESSURE
so the ending to this story
is yet to be seen.

The first section of this drivel is fondly reminiscent of the instructor who checked me out in 16T. He can be annoying. I think he considers it an art. The last section heads off into one of his favorite subjects--the fossil fuel issue.

Anyway, the ditty is more memorable than that list was, but for what it's worth, the procedure isn't daunting anymore.

I think what this procedure accomplishes is first to prime the engine, and then to start it from an engine-flooded configuration. When I asked whether this was cold-weather startup, he said it should be used all the time. Was he jerking my chain? Who knows?

He flies a mean plane.

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