Sunday, February 03, 2008

'Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimbel in the wabe

And, as every student pilot pondering the true significance of pendulous vanes on gyroscopic precession knows, the gimbels are still gyring, despite GPS threatening to make them obsolete.


Some of the instrument flying is starting to happen. During Foggle time in the Warrior today, Zach was crowing that I was doing several things at one time. At which point I started screwing all of them up. Still...

Later, there was the steep turn to the left that I did absolutely correctly--right angle, perfect power correction, no altitude loss, and the freaky thing was that I was having no sensation of being in a turn. I was completely focused on the instruments. I could have been flying X-Plane at home at my desk (except that I don't control the X-Plane sim that well). And then we noticed it, and I lost it. The immediately following turn to the right was SOOOOO bad. I was completely disoriented, like, which side of the line on the attitude indicator were we supposed to be on? About that time, Zach pointed out that we were only in a 20ยบ bank.

BUT BUT BUT, it's starting to come together.

KLOU ATC was having a hard time today. Too many people maneuvering and touching and going and such. They resorted to sending people home.

Tomorrow was going to be my last day with Cherokee Warrior N8916E. The forecast weather looks like today was the last day. Zach won't miss her, but I will.

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