Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pilot's logbook

12-29-07 PA-28 N8316E LOU-JVY-LOU JC

I went for my checkout in the Warrior. I was supposed to go with Todd, but then things got switched around and JC was willing to go with me. JC's good.

I LIKE this plane! It's more stable than a C-152, but not at all like the C-172, which reminded me of my first car--the family's old 1953 Buick Roadmaster -- swam like a tanker. The Warrior feels light and spunky. It's more physical than the other planes I've flown. Pitch control takes a different kind of effort on the yoke. (I should actually be using more trim, and I'll work on that). Also the flaps lever is really physical. This is going to be FUN!!!

I didn't land it well enough to call it a good checkout, so I'll do some more tomorrow. Maybe. I've got 011 reserved for an hour and a half to take Christina's mom flying, but she can't go at that time, so it frees me up to just fly.

If I'm REALLY lucky, I'll hear from Mike. I left a message on his phone. He came in AC1 today to say Hi, which was great, but now I'm thinking of things I'd like to talk about, and really, I'd like to fly with him, but we were at AC1 with lots of people around and I mostly enjoyed just watching and listening. There's been a lot of water over the dam since I saw him last, for both of us.

I've been kindof floundering the last few weeks. I canceled music lessons for the month of December to be free for Beth and Juan and the boys, so everything's been up in the air. I've only flown a few times since I got my license. On top of that, holidays are nice (very nice because the girls are here), but taking a toll on flying. Talking to Mike seems to have helped. He set me a goal that I want to make: Instrument Rating by April and CFI by August.

Monday I just agreed to play a funeral at Bardstown at 11 am, which cuts the day in half, so maybe no flying. I'll save time to spend with Laura if we can do it, but after she goes back to Berlin, I'm going full guns with flight training and experience.

I need to find time to fly with Will in the next few days, too, before he goes back to Arizona.

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