Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pilot's logbook

11-39 Cessna-152 II N89933 LOU LOCAL Satisfactory Completion of Private Pilot Checkride PWH 5 lndgs 1.7hr

12-1 C-152 N89933 Lou Lou First flight with Frank 1.2 hr Southern Indiana. Small space.

12-3 C-152 N69011 Lou Bwg Lou 3.0 hr.
Weather/winds. Either get a lot faster, or just do it the night before and forget about it.
Check wings.
VFR doesn't seem to mean the same thing to controllers. Pilot decides.
BWG, not BMG.
Nav radio digit--just guess.
Pilotage/Dead reckoning question: answer--if there's a road, follow it unless you know what you're looking for looks like.
Get another headset.

Still haven't seen our house.

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