Monday, July 14, 2014

Preservation Hall Jazz Band, New Orleans

While we were in New Orleans for the Ninety-Nines International Meeting, Vern and Lew and I went to Preservation Hall and traded $20 bills for a seat on the floor in a small, crowded, not at all fancy room.  Wondering what we got ourselves into, we found ourselves on re-purposed church bench cushions in the second row, practically at the feet of the band members.

But then, they started to play.  No microphones.  Just music.  The best part of that trip by FAR.

PresHall Brass    7/11/14
Daniel Farrow -- Leader and tenor sax
Will Smith -- trumpet
Richard Anderson -- trombone
Junior Hingle and  Kerry Hunter -- drums
Jeffrey Hills -- tuba
Darrell Adams -- alto sax

I bought a CD, but it wasn't these guys.  Maybe I can find them somewhere.


Ok, a little research found Daniel "Weenie" Farrow in New Orleans. ( I had misread his name, but this is the man. )  

Scroll down this page to see a couple of pictures of Daniel "Weenie" Farrow.   

And another of Will Smith playing and singing  Back in Your Own Backyard.

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