Saturday, November 30, 2013

A good fit

Last night I was awake most of the night.  Not from caffeine, either.

Today we went to the airport, and I sat in "Tweety" for the first time.  I knew that Lee was asking more than he thought he could get (although I don't know how much more), but its history makes sense, and we have seen how he takes care of it, and Frank has assembled and disassembled it with him, and we would be buying into an already-established setup with the airport and the club. On paper, the SGS 1-34 is what I would like to be flying, with no other sailplanes in the running. Still, I was prepared to back away if the sitting-in-the-cockpit experience was anything but good.

Well, it was good.   I am comfortable there, and I can see fine, and I like it.

So, we put down a deposit, and I will be looking into the paperwork to actually make the sale.


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