Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making your own lanyard for iPhone

You can make your own lanyard.

My mom has some strong-glue velcro tape (the fuzzy side is adhesive) that sticks on a surface and will NOT come off until you want it to. I always make my own lanyard by looping a piece of braid, tying a knot or two, and putting that adhesive tape it.  I used to just tape it to my iPhone, which was a great solution.  However, once, I dropped the iPhone exactly flush to an asphalt surface and the glass cracked.  So now I attach the piece of braid to the back of a case.

If Apple would include a slight rim around the front edge of the iPhone (so the glass can't fall flat and crack) and a dimple to attach a lanyard, we could use the devices in their slimness and beauty. The glass resists scratching just fine.  It's DROPPING the phone that is the issue.  I think it's crazy to make such beautiful designs knowing that customers will have to totally cover them up.

Back to the adhesive-backed velcro.  (I don't know where you would buy it. Ours came from the ambulance service when my sister worked there.) I can also attach the other piece to my dashboard of the car and make a place for the iPhone to hang.

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