Friday, September 07, 2012

lights during taxi

In section 4-3-23, Use of Aircraft Lights, paragraphs (c), (e), (f) and (g) describe the use of lights while on an airport. We invite you to go to the AIM and read each of these paragraphs. For example, paragraph (e) states,
Prior to commencing taxi, it is recommended to turn on navigation, position, anti­-collision, and logo lights (if equipped). To signal intent to other pilots, consider turning on the taxi light when the aircraft is moving or intending to move on the ground, and turning it off when stopped or yielding to other ground traffic. Strobe lights should not be illuminated during taxi if they will adversely affect the vision of other pilots or ground personnel.
Furthermore, the use of your transponder while taxiing is recommended in paragraph 4-1-20. It says, in part,
Civil and military transponders should be turned to the “on" or normal altitude reporting position prior to moving on the airport surface to ensure the aircraft is visible to ATC surveillance systems.


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