Sunday, June 12, 2011

CFI session Christine

For Assignment: First interview with prospective student
How long do you think it will take?

"This is an investment in yourself. No one can ever take the experience away."
Know the whole sequence from Private pilot to ATP.
This avoids people being upset later, if they find out at the beginning what is involved.
Systems, performance, rules.
The more you are self-driven, the less you have to pay for instruction.
Cost involved, have handout--time, materials, exam fee, medical

"This session is free. Plan on 1/2-hour ground school from here on out."

Always check fuel and oil in front of the student. "We always do a runup. If anything is not good, we go back."

For CFI: Go through PTS. CFI meeds a lesson plan for each task, each _____.
Lesson plan form is in FOI book.

ASSIGNMENT: PRIMARY CONTROLS. Ailerons, Elevator & Trim, Rudder, Engine controls.

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